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Value Adding with new Varieties

Shift to seedless

  • 96% Seedless

From producing mainly seeded grapes Kriegler Farms has kept up with the trend to replace old mainstays of decades ago such as Alphonse Lavalleé and Barlinka with seedless varieties. Today Kriegler Farms variety composition reflects 96% seedless production.

Investing in popular new varieties with improved production capacity

 Sheehan Genetics LLC

  • 28.5ha of 71ha

Kriegler Farms was one of the first table grape farms in the Western Cape to plant large quantities of the exciting new Sheehan Genetics LLC table grape varieties and most of these vineyards have matured to full bearing capacity. The farm has a total of 71ha and as 28.5ha of this is planted under Sheehan Varieties, this represents roughly a third of the farm’s production. These include:

  • Melody
  • Krissy
  • Magenta
  • Allison

 IFG Varieties

Kriegler Farm has also planted one of the most popular varieties from the Californian International Fruit Genetics (IFG) range.

  • Sweet Celebration

Sun World Varieties

Kriegler Farms also has two popular Sun World varieties: Sun World is also a Californian based international fruit breeding company and varieties from this range have proved highly successful producers in the Hex River Valley.

  • Sugratwelve (COACHELLA SEEDLESS®)