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Our People

At Kriegler Farms we recognise our responsibility to our staff and their families. We provide and implement a range of social and development benefits to care for the needs of staff members and their families. The comprehensive social development programmes attend to the social needs of all age groups on the property.

There are 72 permanent workers that represent in excess of 30 families that work and live on the farms.


The South African State Health system is overburdened and the unfortunate reality is that people often wait many hours before receiving treatment at State Hospitals of Clinics. Patients who are dependent on receiving chronic medication also spend hours queuing for their prescriptions every month. This includes pensioners who often have physical difficulty to get to the clinic and wait in line. In order to assist workers and pensioners and minimize time away from work, Kriegler Farms has established a Clinic service on the farm. The farm provides the venue and Hanlie Bruwer, a qualified health care worker provides the service to the staff. She is employed by INCON Health, a well-established national company offering professional workplace health care services.

The clinic collects the chronic medication for the staff and retired people who live on the farm from the local state clinic and dispenses this to them.  The clinic provides most elements of primary health care including immunisations, birth control and infant care at Kriegler Farms, thus significantly reducing the necessity to visit the local state clinic.

Social Work

The social work programme offered on Kriegler Farms focusses on tackling the problems experienced through group participation as well as individual counselling sessions with the social worker. This process is run under the auspices of Procare, a social work service and implemented by Petra Nel, a registered social worker from Procare.


Kriegler Farms, in conjunction with the Muñoz Foundation, implements the AmazingBrainz intelligence enhancement programme in the farm’s “Vrolike Vinkies” pre-school. The programme provides these children with remarkable developmental opportunities as it is specifically aimed at providing young children, aged 3 months to 5 years, with appropriate brain stimulation activities to promote brain development in the foundation phase of their lives.  The programme also aims to catch up lags in developmental milestones often found in children growing up in poor socio-economic conditions and ensure they are wholly school-ready by the time they turn six.

Schooling:  The primary school children attend school at the local Sandhills Primary school. For secondary school, scholars are bussed to De Doorns on transport provided by government.

After school care: Adjoining our crèche we have an after school centre where scholars are able to complete their homework under supervision.

Tertiary education: Over the years we have provided financial assistance to a number of the children of our employees based on merit.

In service training: We provide the environment for employees to empower themselves through our ongoing in-service training, technical training as well as life skills training.

Retirement: A number of our former employees have retired and stayed on in their homes on the farm. As part of our remuneration we pay towards retirement annuities for all our employees and this provides them with retirement savings.

Jimmy Maswe is in his sixties and he and his wife Stienie are both former employees of Kriegler Farms. Jimmy lived and worked on the property from 1963 and retired in 2004 after 40 years’ service and Stienie has also since retired. Kriegler Farms accommodates Jimmy and Stienie as they have stayed on in their home on the farm since their retirement. “I am very grateful for our house here on the farm.  This has been our home for so many years and we have been able to retire here where our friends are still living around us,” says Jimmy with a smile.

Thomas Karelse is in his 70’s. Thomas and his wife Johanna are retired former employees who have also stayed on in their home on Kriegler Farms. They take care of two of their grandchildren who live with them. “This has always been our home and has been our refuge in our old age – we really do not know where we would have ended up if we did not have this,” says Thomas with a shrug. Thomas keeps a few geese and is proud of his birds.