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  • Sheehan Genetics varieties bear stunning crop

     icon March 3, 2014  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                      Our new Sheehan Genetics grape varieties are all named after women and they certainly are beauties. Magenta, Krissy, Melody and Allison grapes have been ripening in our vineyards over the past 3 weeks and they also taste as good as they look! This beauty is Allison.
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  • Compact disc bird scarers – eco-friendly recycling

     icon March 3, 2014  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                Is it possible to recycle compact discs and conserve birdlife with one action? Yes, indeed! We have hung our old cd’s in the wind above our vineyards where they work brilliantly as bird scarers. As the discs flap and twist in the wind, the flashing effect keeps the birds […]
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  • First Netball Game on Kriegler Farms – 12 September

     icon September 22, 2013  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    Colors Foundation Family Development programme sport programme On the 12th of September there was great excitement and anticipation on Kriegler Farms before the start of the first netball game between the two teams on the farm. This forms part of the Colors Foundation Family Development initiative currently underway on the farm.  The beautiful spring day […]
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  • Kriegler Farms Clinic opening – 30 August 2013

     icon September 10, 2013  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

              “From now on I will smile and sing on my way to the clinic as we now have our own clinic, right here on the farm,” said Rose Erasmus, Kriegler Farms community leader and medic at the launch of the new on-site clinic service at Kriegler Farms table grape farm […]
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  • Outing to Bird’s Paradise in Robertson

     icon April 23, 2013  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

            Delighted Kriegler Farms crèche and after-care children visit Birds Paradise in Robertson during the April School holidays. During the April holidays the crèche and aftercare organised an outing to Bird’s paradise in Robertson. Kriegler Farms provided the transport and (number) of children had a fantastic experience during this outing. The children […]
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  • Kriegler Farms Crèche and Aftercare structure

     icon April 23, 2013  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                        An after-school care facility has been established in the same building as the Kriegler Farm’s crèche. This is a place where school children receive supervision and assistance with their homework in the afternoons.  The youngsters have the opportunity to complete their homework as well as […]
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  • Our harvest is progressing well

     icon January 22, 2013  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                During January our harvest has progressed well. The dry, warm weather has prevailed throughout the month and this has kept the grape healthy. Here is picture taken of our Sugraone grapes on 21 January, ripe and ready for harvest.
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  • Kriegler Farms starts new harvest

     icon January 7, 2013  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                  7 January 2013 Kriegler Farms has started harvesting their earliest grape varieties, Prime and Flame Seedless. Hot, dry weather has accelerated the ripening process and it is great news that the harvest has started sooner than the original date set for commencement.
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  • Kriegler Farms social development project with the Colors Foundation and BAMA Group

     icon December 23, 2012  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    For the duration of the 2012/13 harvest and beyond the Colors Foundation will run comprehensive social development programmes on Kriegler Farms, attending to the social needs of all age groups on the property. As the Foundation provides sustained and individual attention through each human life-stage, their focussed programmes aim to nurture the unique individual to […]
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  • Our grape crop is developing well

     icon November 9, 2012  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    The grape crop in our vineyards is currently developing well. The grape flowering process has ended successfully without disturbance from the weather and this has resulted in a very good potential yield on the vines. We are currently performing the necessary procedures to optimise the harvest which is stet to commence by the end of December.
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