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  • Krigler Farms is investing in popular new grape varieties

     icon June 22, 2017  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    We are currently in the process of renewing old vineyards and replanting on the farm with popular new varieties. Vineyard renewal represents a considerable investment and is a good indicator of the grower confidence of the future of the variety that is being planted. We have confidence in the new improved varieties that we have […]
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  • Kriegler Farms Featured in Freshplaza reporting successes of Miatech technologies in use on the farm

     icon May 4, 2017  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

        Kriegler Farms makes use of Miatech technology in two areas during the harvest and dispatch process. The Aquaroom 4S humidification system in the holding room increases the relative humidity to 95% and has a marked positive effect on the quality and condition of the grapes. In the farm’s refrigerated delivery truck the Bio […]
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  • Our harvest is rapidly ripening

     icon December 29, 2016  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                  Good weather conditions during the development and ripening period has resulted in a generous and healthy crop. Our earliest grapes are currently approaching optimal ripeness, helped along by the ideal hot summer days. This is a sample of our bountiful Sugraone crop ripening.
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  • Cold, wet Winter conditions are good news for coming harvest

     icon August 16, 2016  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    During the past two months the Western Cape has experienced winter weather that is beneficial for grape production. The cold temperatures have provided the much needed cold units to ensure a good dormancy period for the vines, which in turn hold the promise of good growth during spring and summer.
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  • Kriegler Farms survives mountain fire threat

     icon February 6, 2016  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    The professional fire fighters and the helicopter teams worked together with remarkable skill and courage in Sandhills yesterday. They undertook a very successful controlled burn to safeguard farm buildings and homes in our area. The precision water bombing of the pilots is incredibly accurate and we owe them and the ground fire heroes a big […]
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  • Our harvest is progressing well

     icon January 28, 2016  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    Kriegler Farms has been harvesting and packaging grapes for almost a month now and the harvest is proceeding well. We have completed the harvest on our earliest varieties and are now proceeding to the mid-season varieties.
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  • AmazingBrainz project launched at Kriegler Farms

     icon October 20, 2015  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    On Tuesday 20 October 2015 Kleinberg Kriegler Farms, in conjunction with The Muñoz Foundation, officially opened the AmazingBrainz project at Kleinberg Kriegler Farm in the Hex River Valley. The “Vrolike Vinkies” pre-school on Kleinberg farm has adopted the remarkable AmazingBrainz early learning programme. The initiative has been funded by Kleinberg Farm and the Muñoz Foundation.
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  • Sheehan Genetics varieties bear stunning crop

     icon March 3, 2014  icon  icon Uncategorized  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                      Our new Sheehan Genetics grape varieties are all named after women and they certainly are beauties. Magenta, Krissy, Melody and Allison grapes have been ripening in our vineyards over the past 3 weeks and they also taste as good as they look! This beauty is Allison.
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  • Compact disc bird scarers – eco-friendly recycling

     icon March 3, 2014  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

                Is it possible to recycle compact discs and conserve birdlife with one action? Yes, indeed! We have hung our old cd’s in the wind above our vineyards where they work brilliantly as bird scarers. As the discs flap and twist in the wind, the flashing effect keeps the birds […]
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  • First Netball Game on Kriegler Farms – 12 September

     icon September 22, 2013  icon  icon General  icon  icon 0 Comment(s)

    Colors Foundation Family Development programme sport programme On the 12th of September there was great excitement and anticipation on Kriegler Farms before the start of the first netball game between the two teams on the farm. This forms part of the Colors Foundation Family Development initiative currently underway on the farm.  The beautiful spring day […]
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