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Kriegler Farms Clinic opening – 30 August 2013


The Kriegler Farms Clinic Team, from left to right: Petra Nel, Social Worker from Procare, Michael Bester, General Manager at Kriegler Farms, Alet Coetzee, the Colors Foundation Coordinator for the Implementation of the Family Development Programme and Sister Helene Loubser, newly appointed clinic sister at Kriegler Farms Clinic





“From now on I will smile and sing on my way to the clinic as we now have our own clinic, right here on the farm,” said Rose Erasmus, Kriegler Farms community leader and medic at the launch of the new on-site clinic service at Kriegler Farms table grape farm in South Africa’s Hex River Valley. This pioneering new venture was launched on 30 August by Kriegler Farms in collaboration with the Colors Foundation and with assistance from the Western Cape Department of Health.

Due to the country’s overburdened government health care system, patients currently often wait hours before receiving treatment at state hospitals or clinics. Patients who are dependent on receiving on-going chronic medication regularly spend hours queuing for their prescriptions every month. This includes pensioners many of whom have physical difficulty to get to the clinic and wait in line.

The benefit of this new resource on the farm will alleviate this problem, providing direct health care for the farm workers and their dependents as well as the retired farm workers living on the property. Patients will have free access to the clinic service on the farm three mornings a week. The clinic will service between 70 and 80 permanent employees and their families throughout the year and this number increases to around 150to 180 before and during the harvest. The clinic visit also provides the patient with the opportunity to discuss any related social problems which can then potentially be referred to the social services also facilitated by the Colors Foundation on Kriegler Farms.

”We are truly grateful and excited about getting our own clinic, says Rose. “This will be good for both us as farm workers and the farm as our healthcare needs will be met right here. Going to the clinic will no longer be a time-consuming drag and waste of time where we spend ages sitting around and waiting for attention.”

The festive launch and ribbon-cutting of the new clinic was attended by the excited farm workers as well as role players from the Department of Health, the Colors Foundation and its service providers and Kriegler Farms.

“The implementation of this on-site clinic has been a long-held ideal for us,” says Johan Kriegler of Kriegler Farms. “It is good to know that we will be able to provide a comprehensive health service for our employees on the farm and that our workers healthcare would no longer be jeopardised by lack of timeous access. We will also no longer have to lose many hours of productivity due to the usually slow service at the local clinic. This will be of huge benefit to all on Kriegler Farms and the collaboration with the Colors Foundation and the cooperation with Department of Health have assisted us to achieve this win-win situation.”

“This is a great day for the Colors Foundation as this is the first time that we have been involved in establishing a new clinic service from the ground up,” explained Susara Nortje, CEO of the Colors Foundation. “This would not be possible without the buy-in and commitment from Kriegler Farms who are providing the establishment and on-going operational costs. We are also very grateful to the Department of Health for their enthusiastic involvement and to INCON Health for their valued time and service.”