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Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to delivering a quality product has been enhanced by state of the art technology

Our quest to deliver only the best quality fruit to our customers motivated the recent upgrade of our packing facility and the installation of state-of-the art Miatech and BIOturbo high humidity technology. This system maintains the freshness and quality of our highly perishable product from the vineyard, through the packing, storage and transport process and enables us to deliver fruit of the best quality to our discerning receiver and customers.

The basis of this new system is to maintain the grapes at an optimum high relative humidity level throughout the post-harvest processing and transport. Once the fruit has been harvested it is brought to the pack house immediately and is placed in the Miatech Aquaroom 4S humidification system temperature controlled holding rooms which increases the relative humidity to 95% relative humidity. The high humidity levels prevent the both the berries and stems from losing moisture and drying out. The BIOTurbo 300 air filters in the holding rooms also remove ethylene gas, bacteria and fungal spores from the atmosphere.

The next step of the process packing the fruit into punnet packs. We have implemented advanced, robust technology to in order to ensure that the relative humidity of the atmosphere in the entire pack house is also controlled to be at the optimum level prevent the dehydration of the fruit. This is of the utmost importance for both the berries and particularly the stems of the grapes which are highly susceptible to dehydration.

Once the packing process is completed, the packed fruit is stored briefly in a holding room which also has the optimum humidity and temperature before we dispatch this to our customer. We have also installed a BIOTurbo 100i air filter in our refrigerated truck that transports the grapes in order to remove ethylene gas and airborne pathogens from the atmosphere during transport. Installing this technology in our truck is a first for our industry and it ensures that we protect our product until it is delivered to our customer.

Our decision to install this technology in our business has delivered results as we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of fruit we deliver and our quality claims have been reduced to negligible levels.