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Environmental Practices

Additional to the cultivated land, Kriegler Farms has approximately 200ha virgin mountain property. This is pristine Fynbos habitat and supports the full range of animals found naturally in the mountains of the Western Cape. Sightings of klipspringers, porcupines, baboons, mongooses, rock hyraxes and hares are quite commonplace. Although they are more elusive, the area also supports, Bat Eared Foxes, Cape Jackals as well as the magnificent Cape Mountain Leopard. The habitat also supports an abundant variety of birdlife including large raptors such as black eagles, often seen hunting high above the mountain cliffs.

The mountain property also has some examples of San Rock Art. As these paintings are generally considered to be between 7 000 and 2 000 years old, although some are possibly older, these rock art sites represent an invaluable cultural heritage.

We farm in partnership with nature and take our role as custodians of this natural and cultural heritage very seriously.